Paypal Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it free to register at paypal?
A: Yes it is 100% free to register

Q: How much do they charge when you withdraw?
A: It varies but based on my experience these are the rates.
      1>Visa Debit card every transfer they charge $5 when I withdraw 10$ but when I withdraw 70$ they only charge 1$.
      2>Bank account – If you are transferring more than P7000 or 140$ it is free but some local banks are charging 4$ to 5$ (200 to 250 pesos) each transfer.
                 BDO or Banco De Oro Bank charged me 5$ when I transferred 10% to my bank account.

Q: My bank account has a debit card which one should I connect?
A: Any of them would be fine but I think it is cheaper ( withdrawal fee) when you connect your bank account.
( Depends where you live and to your bank)

Q: InstaGC ( or other extra income online site) says I need to verify my paypal but I already verified my paypal in my email.
A. You need to link a debit/credit card to your paypal account and verify it.
( I have a full guide how to be fully verified on paypal click here )


Why do I have to link and confirm my debit or credit card?

Linking and confirming your debit or credit card helps protect your account:

  • It increases security within the PayPal community.
  • It confirms your identity and verifies that you own the card associated with your PayPal account.
  • It limits the risk with stolen credit cards and fake identities.

When you link your card to your account by authorizing PayPal to charge a small amount, PayPal generates a unique random code which displays on your card statement. Only the legitimate owner of the card has access to the statement. For this reason, this process limits the risk connected with stolen credit cards and fake identities.


Q: I cannot receive my money because I was not able to confirm my email address when I registered in Paypal some time ago.
A: Number 1 that you should do is to click the verify send by paypal in your email. If you cant access that email then try to forgot password or try to recover that email. If nothing works you can now contact Paypal and ask for help. 

~Normally if you will not be able to receive the money it will be sent back to the sender after 60 days.

Q: Age requirement to register?
A: 18yrs old

Q: What ID can I use to register in Paypal?
A: Government issued id

Q: Can I downgrade my Business Paypal account to Personal account?
A: First is to call them on Help bar top right and second is email their support to request to downgrade your account. Read the article here:

Q: If i’m going to transfer dollar to my local bank or card should I receive it as dollars?
A: Unfortunately No you will receive it in Peso or your local currency already.

Q: Can I use Business account in Paypal?
A: Yes But I am not familiar with it and it asks many things in order to register so I recommend to just use Personal or the BUY with paypal account.

Q: What if I don’t have Paypal account?

Q: What Other payment can I choose for me to get paid in these legit extra income online?
A: 9 out of 10 Sites that we do pays through Paypal so we have no choice but to use it.

Q; Why I cant transfer funds to my debit card?
A: Only Visa cards can be used to transfer funds from paypal to your local bank.

Q: How can I withdraw my money from paypal to Gcash ( Philippine app)
A: I have a full guide on how to transfer from Paypal to Gcash click here

Q: One of your extra income online sent payment already to my Paypal but why I didn’t receive it? 
A: Make sure that your Paypal has no issue and also your account must be 1 or 2 months old before it can receive payments

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