Legit Online Typing Jobs Philippines part time 2018 - Transcribing in Gotranscript

Gotranscript provides Legit Online Typing Jobs

You will earn here by typing words from audios or videos.

Gotranscript have a nice business model where they have clients that have files that wants to be type written and they outsource it to us transcribers.

It is 100% Free to register in GoTranscript and you can transcribe or type whenever
and wherever
you want on your freetime.

Click here to Register

Gotranscript Pays via Paypal every Friday.

You can also select Payoneer as a payment option if you have a Payoneer account.

This is your main dashboard where you can choose files to transcribe.

There are no limits on how many files you want to transcribe every day
but you can only take 1 file at a time.

You can choose which file you want to transcribe.

Here are some useful information that can be found on your dashboard

ID: Unique ID given to a file

How Fast: The time given to a transcriber to finish the file.
(Mostly 6hours but you can do it less than 6 hours depends on your speed)

Transcription Time: The specific time in the audio that you need to transcribe.
          Example: If 1 file is 30 minutes long and the transcription time is 00:10:00 – 00:20:00. Then you will only transcribe 00:10:00 – 00:20:00. You are not going to touch 00:00:00 to 00:10:00 and so on

Text Format: Full verbatim or Clean Verbatim 
(Please refer to their guidelines for the exact difference)
On my opinion it is easier to do clean verbatim files

Timestamping: Inserting time when a specific speaker starts on his dialogue. Please refer to Gotranscript guidelines for a more accurate definition.

Language: The language spoken  on the file – Mostly English

Comments: Specific instructions from the owner of files such as name of the speakers etc.

Audio: You can  check the file first before taking the file as your job.
1st File: Is the whole audio file from start to the end.
2nd file:  you will download only the part that you need to transcribe.
3rd file: is a short preview of quality of file from 5 to 10 seconds.
(You need to download 1st and 2nd file)

Earnings: The payment you will receive after you finish the file.
Basic pay is 2.33$/10minute audio. If the audio is shorter than 10 minutes then it will be less than 2.33$

Action: Accept and take the file for you to transcribe

Files that are rush or those need to be transcribed as soon as possible Pays higher

After making 1 file your job it will go to your in progress page.

You will see here the time remaining for you to finish the file.

If you took a file you can still cancel or give up that file.

If you want to start with file just click transcribe.


You have Basic buttons on this screen. Pause, Play, Go to specific time you want, Some text format tools.

This file is uploaded to youtube which gives you an option to input youtube subtitle. You must not depend and submit just the youtube subtile because there are TONS of MISTAKEN words on that.

Legit Online Typing Jobs on GoTranscript is not 2.33$ / 10minute. Your speed depends on your skill in transcribing. If you can finish a 10minute file in 1hour more or less then good for you. It might take you more than 2 hours if this is your first time doing this Online typing job.

On your transcription page there will be list of shortcut keys which will make your transcribing life a whole lot easier and faster. Please memorize or be familiarize on this shortcut keys.

Gotranscript is available on Computer, Tablets, Ipad and Mobile phones. This shortcut keys will be a major disadvantage for non PC users because you cannot use these shortcut keys and you have to touch each letter on your screen if you are not using a computer.

You can still edit the file in here but if you are done then click Finish.


And click Apply Now

If you want to be a transcriber in Gotranscript then please read and fully understand their Transcription Guidelines. 

You will have to pass 2 stages of screening to be part of their transcribers.
1. Multiple choice questions. 
( These questions are tricky so be observant and understand the questions correctly.)

2.Actual transcribing test

They will inform you if you pass or fail within 30 days.
If you fail you can still re apply and wait another 30 days if you will pass or fail again.


You can now earn extra income online on your free time on Legit Online Typing Jobs on Gotranscript.

I also have a more detailed and step by step video guide on Youtube but this video is in Filipino Language with english and Hindi subtitle  https://youtu.be/2zL4r-ssYCs << click here to watch the video