How to Withdraw Paypal Funds Philippines 2018

To withdraw Paypal Funds here in the Philippines or also in other countries you need to connect first a bank account or a debit card or Mobile Application such as GCASH ( Philippine app)

Transfer time varies from instant up to 5 days or more.

Transfer Fee also varies from FREE up to 5$ or more ( Changes from time to time)

Paypal and Bank or Debit card must have a 100% matched details like your name

If you already have any of those 3 connected to your Paypal then you can proceed to withdraw

Step by Step how to withdraw in paypal

Step by Step


1. Click Withdraw Funds

2. Choose Which Balance are you getting your funds from ( Depends on the currencies on your Paypal account)

~ You cannot withdraw on 2 currency at one transaction

Step by Step how to withdraw in paypal

3. Choose where are you going to send the money on this photo the 2 options are a> Bank account b> VISA Debit card

~Mastercard debit card are not allow to receive Paypal funds here in the Philippines. I am not sure with American express and Discover.

Step by Step how to withdraw in paypal

Withdrawal Fee changes from bank to bank and also from time to time

When you transfer more than P7000 or 140$ withdraw fee is FREE

Step by Step how to withdraw in paypal

Bank Account

I received the money around 6 days and my Bank charged another P200 (4$) and paypal charge P50=1$ (5$ total) I heard that on other banks they do not charge when they receive the money. Others banks charge other amount like 3$

Step by Step how to withdraw in paypal


I withdraw last year August 2017 and Paypal Fee is 5$. My debit card company didn't charge any when I received the money from paypal

Step by Step how to withdraw in paypal


I just checked today February 2018 with the same Visa debit card and same amount the Paypal fee is now just P50 or 1$

Minimum withdrawal for bank and debit cards is 10$ // On GCASH (Philippines app) 1$ is minimum withdraw and no transfer fee

4.  Click Continue

5. Review your transaction 


Step by Step how to withdraw in paypal

You can click go back to Wallet and do more transactions if you need to

I make it a personal habit to screenshot successful transfers like this for possible future disputes or problems if there will be any.

Step by Step how to withdraw in paypal


You just need to wait for your funds to arrive in your account. Please take note that your account should be at least 1month old before you can receive money. If someone send you money and you just created a new Paypal account then it will be on hold and after sometime you will still receive that money.

Step by step guide on how to register in Paypal

If you want to be fully verified on paypal and learn how to add a credit or debit card

You can also check my Paypal FAQ’s if you have a question or problems in Paypal