How transfer league of legends Philippines from your PC to another PC / Laptop

On this process you will need an external Hard drive with atleast 10GB free space. You will also need of course a computer with a working League of Legends installed on that PC. On This guide we will be using a windows 10 PC – I am not sure if this will work on other operating system

Copy Garena folder on OS(C) and Garena on Program files (x68)

Make a New folder for each Garena files on your External hard drive and paste it there.

You will need to download a New Garena on their Website on your new PC or Laptop Then Install

Paste the Garena(program files) folder from your external hdd to your laptop's program files (x86) - Skip all files with Same Name (SKIP THESE FILES)

Paste the Garena Folder (from C) from your external HDD to your New Laptop's OS(C)

Open your Garena program- Open League of Legends - Click Install

Change Destination Folder

Select Games -- This PC > OS(C) > Garena >> make sure to Highlight games - Select folder

Click OK



You can now Play League of Legends on your New PC without having to Download the Whole LOL file again

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  1. Ang galing nyo po sir! salamat sa guide hehe daming guide hindi nag wowork yung sainyo Detailed sya and nag work sya saakin from Pc to another PC sa comp shop ko

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