How to Register FREE Paypal account in Philippines 2018 with or w/o Debit card or Credit card

It is very easy and fast to register in Paypal and again it is 100% free. Please follow and read all the instructions here for this will save you a lot of time and unwanted stress from registration mistakes.



1 Go to Paypal website:


2. Click sign up at the top right of the page

3, If you will just be using your paypal for receiving extra income or for freelancing jobs just choose Buy with Paypal. 

( do not worry you can receive money from any sites and you can still buy or shop online using this account. ) 

This is also called Personal account.

The other option is Business account

4. ENTER YOUR WORKING  AND ACTIVE EMAIL ADDRESS ( the one you are always opening) They will not spam your account and will just send important mails such as when you receive money or you send money.

Use a strong password like a combination of number and letters and you can also put capital letters on your password and write it on a physical storage such as notebooks or paper. 

I strongly advice not to save it somewhere on your computer.

5.  Fill this form with 100% CORRECT INFORMATION. Your funds small or thousands of dollars might be lock up on your paypal account with no way of recovering it if you fill INCORRECTLY.  There will be a time or milestone like when you already receive or withdrawn certain amount of money where they will ask for Identification( government issued ID) and or a document that you really live on that address such as utility bills or debit or credit card statement. If you cannot show real and valid ID then you will have a problem.

-According to paypal their required age is 18 yrs old to have an account

-You can use government issued ID for the ID

-Make sure that you will use an active mobile phone number because you will use this for recovering your account.  ( base on my experience they never texted anything aside from account recovery. )

– For postal code just google ” Postal code (space) place where you live


6. you can skip this step or do this later.

Adding a debit card or credit card will give your Paypal account a status of ” Fully verified”

Without any card connected your account is ” not fully verified “

75% of extra income sites it’s fine if your account is “not fully verified paypal account” they will still send your payment and you will still receive it.
25% of extra income sites  they require that you have a ” fully verified paypal account” you will not even be allowed to register on their site if your account is not fully verified ( that 25% site )

7.  Click confirm your email address and click the link on your email to activate your account. 

This is a very important step that if you missed this step if someone sends or pays you, your money will be hold by Paypal Before you can receive the money you must confirm your email first. If you will not be able to confirm your email after 30 or 60 days money will be returned to the sender.
(happened already to one of my youtube viewer)


You can now receive payments or extra income online from those 75% of sites that do not require fully verified accounts. Please take note that your account should be at least 1month old before you can receive money. If someone send you money and you just created a new Paypal account then it will be on hold and after sometime you will still receive that money.

If you want to be fully verified on paypal and learn how to add a credit or debit card

If you want to learn how to withdraw your money  or get your money from Paypal

You can also check my Paypal FAQ’s if you have a question or problem in paypal

I also have a more detailed and step by step video guide on Youtube
Video Language: Filipino
English subtitle: YES << click here to watch the video