How to be Fully verified on Paypal / How to connect Card to Paypal 2018 Philippines

On some extra income online sites ( around 25%) that pays via Paypal, requires that before you start is you to have a fully verified Paypal account.

You can also use the connected card to withdraw your money or to shop online via paypal.

1. On your paypal account click the add bank or card 

2. Link a Card

3. Fill the form with card that you are going to use. Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover are accepted 

Your card details and Paypal details must 100% match


4. Click save

5. Click on the card that you added

6. Click Confirm card

– Your card must have atleast 150Pesos or 3$ before you click ok. Then they will send a 4 digit code .

-They will refund that 150pesos or 3$ charge after 2 to 7 days after your input the code


7 Input the code to your paypal account and click CONFIRM!!

How to look for the code:
Paypal will not text you your code,

-If your debit or credit card texts your cellphone number every transaction that you make, then it will be easy for you. They will text that paypal charge you which includes the 4 digit code.

For Filipinos I suggest Gcash or Paymaya for easy process because they will text you the code.

-You can also check your online banking account for the transaction.
Code will be like this PP*(4digit code)CODE.

-Last way to check it is go to your bank and ask for Details or Description of transactions of you account. 

On some banks requesting this is free but on my bank they charge me 100pesos or 2$ for this piece of paper.

Code will be like this PP(4digit code)COD.


Your account is now fully verified and you can now join those 25% sites that requires fully verified paypal accounts.. Please take note that your account should be at least 1month old before you can receive money. If someone send you money and you just created a new Paypal account then it will be on hold and after sometime you will still receive that money.

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