Home based Jobs in Philippines Part time / Full time - FreeeUp Review

FreeeUp is my number 1 recommended Home based 
Job in Philippines

FreeeUp pays higher than average per hour than other freelance platforms.

They have a very wonderful support. After I made it inside their market place I just found that all of their personnel are very helpful. Even their CEO is very hands on, talking and communicating to FreeeUp freelancers.

It is 100% Free to register in freeeUp

Proof of Payment

FreeeUp pays via Paypal / Payoneer. They also pay weekly 

How did you hear about freeeUp?

If you consider applying in FreeeUp you can use Referral - James Tristan Ruiz - This will expedite your interview process since they prefer referrals from another FreeeUp Freelancer
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Freelancers / Worker Link to apply: Click Here
Employers / Client Link to Register : Click Here

Better average Salary than other platforms

I know many Freelance platform and I could say that this site Pays the best among them all for now. Most Home based Jobs in Philippines deducts freelancer platform fees on freelancer’s SALARY.

FreeeUp is different they collect their freelance platform fee on top of your asking price. If you put your asking salary 7$ / hr then you will receive 7$ / hour.

You can check the pricing table above for your reference which salary your skills belongs to.
They even pay transcription on per hour basis.

There is also a difference between the pricing / rates of freelancers who is  US and Non US – obviously US rates are higher but you can always set your own rate once you are already in their market place. 

Good thing is they are accepting freelancers all over the WORLD

Sample of Freelancer Dashboard when you are already in their marketplace

You can check available jobs on your dashboard. Another good thing about freeeUp once you are in the marketplace already, you have a higher chance of finding a good client for you which I will explain later why. Clients here in freeeUp are mostly just looking for 2 applicants whom they will interview. Meaning less competition for you once you are in.

3 levels of Expertise

Here in freeeUp clients are asking for specific level of freelancer’s expertise each workers request. Higher level of expertise will obviously pay more. Those people must already have TONS AND YEARS OF EXPERIENCE on that skill set.

But their lower / basic level of workers isn’t bad at all. Based on my observation


There are more skills available than in the price list. Just click the skills tab and you will see more skills type which you may be an expert with.

Example Blogger: You might belong to youtube blogger or website blogger and others.


FreeeUp is promoting to their clients that they have the top 1% of the freelancers. Their clients will save time and effort if they hire someone from freeeup marketplace. Clients here only interview 1 or 2 to 3 freelancers because these freelancers are already interviewed and screened by freeeup. Thus saving client’s time in the hiring process because the freelancers they are interviewing are already almost 100% matched with the skills they are looking for. 

To be able to enter FreeeUp market place freelancers must pass 3 qualification stages .

1. Application form

This is the first step in applying in freeeUp. You will just need to answer basic questions about yourself on this part. MANY / A LOT of freelancers failed on this application form because they are rushing this part.

You must spend time and fill this form correctly with the best of your ability. Focus and declare all the skills and experience that you got. You can also mention relevant related skills that you got that supports your main skills. You should also give examples of your previous works from another client.


FreeeUp is strict when it comes to experience according to them, the ideal experience for the skills you are applying for is 1 year. Since it is free to register on Freeeup I do suggest that you still try to apply and just mention whatever related experience you have from previous jobs. Specially those who are working from BPO or callcenter agents – they can apply for Virtual assistant positions because they have strong related experience.

2nd qualification test is Skype chat where they would ask more about your experience and other things. – This will not be too long.

Last is their best practices qualification test where you will receive some File documents to read and you will answer a test after reading those guidelines.

You can put my Name for in Refer by Another Freelancer : James Tristan Ruiz – So your application will be expedited because they prefer freelancer referred by another freelancer

Freelancers / Worker Link to apply: Click Here
Employers / Client Link to Register : Click Here


Goodluck on finding your Client on FreeeUp and enjoy the perks of doing Homebased Jobs.

I also have a more detailed and step by step video guide on Youtube but this video is in Filipino Language with no English subtitle   https://youtu.be/APLmTkIs0xY << click here to watch the video