Earn Money Online watching Videos at home in Skylom Philippines 2018

Skylom is a legit website that pays via Paypal
(proof of payment below)

You can earn money online watching videos anywhere you are as long as you have internet.

This site is the 3rd company of snuckls and baymack and a lot of Filipino and other nationalities already won money here for FREE!.

They pay via Paypal and Wired Bank but I only tried paypal

they have a very low minimum withdrawal requirement which is 0.02$ and upon request you just have to wait 2 to 7 days or more sometimes.

skylom proof of payment review


Mechanics of the game is very simple you will need 2 coins to join a draw. 

Skylom is by invitation only Click here to register
-Every 2 minutes there is a draw of winning numbers
-Prizes are rotating and changing every 2minutes

In order to win you must guess your number combination and choose from numbers 0 to 9.

-Your numbers must be in order in exact position same to the winning numbers

You will still get smaller prize if you got 1 or 2 digits and so on on the exact location.

To get a coin for you to be able to join the draw click on the top right Icon which says Get Coins

You Need to watch a 90seconds youtube video (changes)


The time you need to watch changes from 28 seconds to 90 seconds or sometimes more depends on the video

You can do other things while your video is playing such as using facebook, or even do other extra income online.

You can mute the skylom tab by right clicking the tab and MUTE if ever you want to watch other youtube videos on youtube.

Video Category

At the end of each video you need to answer what is the category of that video you played. At your first tries you will make mistakes on this part a lot of mistakes. But after like 2 or 3 days of playing this game earn money online watching videos on skylom you will almost never make a mistake in choosing which category is that video.

You get 1 Coin if your answer is Correct

Unfortunately if you didn't picked the right category for the video you will get nothing. Mostly they will asked what genre of music is that video or is it a vlogging video and other more categories.

If you already Got 2 coins then you can now join the draw.

– Make sure to click Submit before the timer runs out
– You can choose which prize you want to participate. If you do not like the prize then just wait till the timer runs out then a new prize will be shown.

The larger the prize the more numbers you need to guess
Some prizes that I saw based on my experience:

2digits = 1$                   Sometimes they reduce the prize like on the photo
3digits = 5$                         

4digits = 10$
5digits = 100$
|6digits = 250$
7digits = 500$ 

How to Redeem/ Withdraw Prizes

Click the Gift Icon to redeem you winnings

Choose Paypal and click redeem

Please note that sometimes they really pay slow but please be patient with them and wait up to 7 days or more.

Your paypal must have no issues to receive money from sites like these. Some newly created paypal accounts also will have the money on hold by paypal. (Paypal account must be 1month old or more)

Input your Paypal email address in this box


3. Click Submit


You can now Earn Money Online watching Videos at home in Skylom Philippines 2018

Skylom is by invitation only Click here to register

I also have a more detailed and step by step video guide on Youtube but this video is in Filipino Language with no English subtitle   https://youtu.be/wKPkOp8eh_w << click here to watch the video