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ShopBack is where you can earn cashback by shopping through their website or app. To visit their website, simply click this link. You may also download it on Google PlayStore or iTunes.

This is for people who love ordering food, booking travel and shopping online in apps like Lazada.

How does it work? If you purchase an item, a percentage of your payments will be returned to you as cash that you can withdraw via PayPal or through your bank account.

By the way, if you don’t have a bank account yet, I found a bank account that you can easily open. You can watch a video tutorial of it by clicking this link.

Proof of Payment

This is the proof of payment that shows they really return a percentage of your purchase. 

Here is my profile to show you that the money I received in my PayPal account was from ShopBack. Here, it shows James Tristan Ruiz. I withdrew last June 29 via PayPal transfer indicating I was paid 667 pesos and on my PayPal, you will see the same amount. The payment reflected in my PayPal on July 2.

This is where you can receive your cashback to. It’s either PayPal or your bank account. If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, click on this link to learn how to set up a PayPal account.


You can easily get a bonus of 200 pesos once you register using this link. Click on this blue link to register. That is the first step in setting up an account with ShopBack.

After clicking the link, this should be the page that you’ll be directed to. Just Fill up the information being asked then click “Sign Up”.

Fill up using your real information. Dummy accounts are prohibited.

Getting the 200 Pesos Bonus

So upon registration, the 100 is already available but the following 100 has to go through these steps first.

Start Shopping

First things first, you need to shop using the link they provide within the website to be eligible of cashback.

These are some of the shop that you can purchase from where you can get cashback from ShopBack. These are just some of them bt there’ more.

From this page, scroll down to see the other shops they are affiliated with. We’ll try Lazada as an example for this post.

For Lazada, they have two options here. One that says “Lazada” is the one using the website and the other is “Lazada Mobile App”. As of now, you can only get cashback if you use the app and not the website. They said that here:

So for Lazada, the maximum amount of cashback that you can get is 9%. That amount varies depending on what you purchased. You can see the table below the encircled cashback amount. It varies per computer, fashion item, groceries, etc.

Also, it will take two to two-and-a-half months before you receive your cashback to make sure that you are eligible and you did not return the item.

Since I did this review before they implemented just using the app, we’ll do the example on the website.

Remember to use only promo codes featured in ShopBack and do not use codes from other resources.

Choose an offer for Lazada by clicking Get Deal

Tips to ensure you receive the cashback, make sure that you use the Lazada that the link in ShopBack website opened.

So if you’re in the ShopBack app, you will see the banner for Lazada. Just simply click that and Continue to the App, then wait for the Lazada app to open. That’s where you should shop to be eligible for the cashback.

Once the Lazada app opened, just proceed with your normal shopping activities. Just like what you see in the following photos.

Getting Confirmation

So after placing the order, you will receive this e-mail from Lazada.

Within 2 days from receiving the Lazada e-mail, you will receive another e-mail from ShopBack to confirm that you are eligible for the cashback. You will see that the amount of cashback I will get is 467.84 pesos. The amount I spent on buying my office chair is 10,999 pesos, that’s why.

You will see that it is now available on your cashback overview but still in pending. Again, it will take up to 2 months before you receive your cashback to verify that you are really eligible.

Withdrawing the Cashback

On your profile dashboard, click on “Withdraw Money”.

We’ll choose PayPal for this example.

Enter your PayPal account details.

You should receive an e-mail from Cashback to confirm, just click on “Verify Details”.

Go back to ShopBack website and see if the PayPal payment method has already been verified then enter the amount to withdraw. The minimum amount you can cash out is 300 pesos. Lastly, click on “Withdraw”.

It will ask you to enter your password and mobile number. You will receive a code that you need to enter in this same page to verify. Lastly, click on “Submit” then that’s it. You just need to wait until you receive your cashback.

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