Earn money online by writing slogans in Slogan Slingers (Updated 2019)

A great way to earn money online in the Philippines 2018 but other countries can also register on this site.

The principle is very basic where you can submit 3 slogans for each contest. The number of contest depends on the number of buyers of slogan.

Website http://www.sloganslingers.com/

The slogan that will be pick by the buyer will win the cash prize. Cash prize depends on how much the buyer wants to buy the slogan. The minimum prize they can buy slogan is 50$ and the maximum is 999$. The average prize I saw is around 100 -200$ prize per contest.

Buyers must pay first before the contest must run to protect the writers from scam. They can refund on certain conditions such as if there is too few who submit slogans.

I highly suggest that you read all the details about who are buying the slogan for you to have good information regarding their business and what slogan are you making.

Quick FAQ’s about Slogan Slingers

Q: How long have they been running on the internet?

A: The earliest post that I can trace is way back 2010 so they are about 7yrs now


Q. Can I join another contest If I already won?

A: Yes I saw someone that he says he won 3x already


Q. Is this site a scam?

A: I never won a contest because I just recently joined. Based on my research is that they have good ratings and standing when it comes to earning money online. I tried to search if they scam someone else already but I cannot find any results.



Q: What are the methods of payment If I ever Won the contest

A: Payment method is Only Paypal


Q: Who can register?

A: According to them everyone in the world


Q: How often they have contest running?

A: It depends on the number of buyers.. But based on the past contest the average number of contest is around 3-5 contest per month


Q: Is this a good source of extra income

A: Depends on your needs because this site doesn’t give a guaranteed payment every time you submit a slogan. I you won they you have money so try your best to win the contest.

I also have a more detailed and step by step video guide on Youtube but this video is in Filipino Language with no English subtitle   https://youtu.be/bljHrH4N8-o << click here to watch the video