Earn Money Online $1 to $3 Doing Annotations No Experience Required

Remotask is a website where you can earn $1 to$3 per hour by doing annotation. What’s nice here is that you don’t have to undergo interviews to get accepted here. You can just simply go to their website using this link and register.

Tasks Available


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Image Annotation


After sending the task you did, there will be a payment in exchange.

Proof of Payment

The picture on top is the proof of payment I got when I tried Remotask, while the one on the right was from our viewer who shared the information about Remotask to us.

Be sure to set up a PayPal account as soon as you register here because they are sending their payment every Tuesday automatically. You don’t have to request it.

Test and Training

For you to be qualified to do tasks, you will need to go through pieces of training.

If you scroll down, you will see the exams you can take that become available to you after taking the training. You don’t need to take all the exams here, but the more you are qualified for, the more tasks will be available to you.

These are the tests I’ve finished and now qualified to receive task for these specific subject.

Lidar Annotation

We’ll mainly focus on Lidar Annotation because this is where you can earn the most. You will see that the range you can earn here is $1 to $3 per hour. That is not guaranteed. It still depends on how fast you work on a task.

In this Lidar Annotation task, we are helping car’s AI to perform its duties.

Instruction for Lidar

Before starting a task, you will be given a set of instructions that you should take time on. Maybe you’ll spend 20 minutes studying this instruction to make sure that you pass the training.

Here, you will know what needs to be highlighted, what to include in the annotation, etc. Everything that you need to know is here.

For example, you should only include a vehicle that is 60% visible, you’ll see it here. Another example, the part being blocked by other things is 80 %, that means that you shouldn’t highlight it.

Training for Lidar

This is the training platform for Lidar. You will have keys that will help you with the training, make sure to utilize them to make your annotation task easier.

  1. You can zoom in and zoom out the image to see if you have boxed the vehicle precisely.
  2. You can also adjust the brightness and saturation of the image based on your preferences.
  3. There will also be a time limit in finishing the training so use your time efficiently.
  4. Plus, the instructions will still be available to you even if you’re already taking the training.
  5. There are shortcut keys that will make this task easier to finish at least.

Setting up you Payment

Go to your Account Settings by clicking this dropdown menu then choose “Account”.

You will land on this page where you will need to enter the e-mail you use to log in to PayPal then click “Save”. Do not forget to set this up as they will send your weekly earnings here every Tuesday automatically. No need to request for it to be sent.


You can get a $10 bonus if you use a referral link to register. For you to be eligible, make sure you click this link to register.

So you will receive a $10 bonus once you reach $10 earning working here within two weeks. Both the referrer and you will get a $10 bonus.

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