Earn Extra Money Online on InstaGC Philippines 2018

Earn Extra Money online on your FREE TIME on instaGC Philippines 2018.

Low Minimum Payout (1$)

To register in InstaGC Philippines click here
Registration is open to all countries

Pays via Paypal

2nd Payout

I did more surveys and watch more videos so I got a higher Payout on my second time.

1st Payout

I tried the website first if they are going to pay me and they send it within 24 hrs or less.

I Personally find it easier to earn or gain points here in InstaGC philippines this 2018 by doing their surveys. In 20 to 30 minutes surveys you can earn 50 to 80 points. 

On their offer wall you will see lots of tasks from their partners. You can also check those for more tasks. On the photo on the right these are the tasks from Crowdflower

This is just an easy task that will just take a minute or less. You will just have to categorize some products and each product the reward is 5 points.

Another easy task is watching videos.

By just watching videos you will gain points. Most of the videos you are allowed to play it over and over again. Another good thing is you can do it on your background or on another tab while doing something else.

Lots of other tasks such as Playing Games and rewards after installing certain apps.

I am not advising  those tasks that will require you to put card details on certain apps. Those tasks have bigger rewards but it is still your own choice.

On the Compete tab there are other ways to earn points here in InstaGC Philippines 2018

One is Decimal pot where there are 3 lucky winners every week to collect the total points gathered from all the people who joined.

~You can only participate once a week. 0.01 and 0.99 pts have the same value which is 1 entry only.

Other ways to earn on instagc philippines 2018 competition tab is Sports. You must spend 5 points to enter the contest and choose the teams you think will win. And if you win you can get the money in the prize pot. If more people joined the contest , the bigger the prize pot will be.

~other contests are  basketball, baseball, Hockey, Football

Payout methods

There are lots of ways to request payment here in InstaGC Philippines 2018 but those most common one is Paypal.

They also pay in following:
They also offer gift cards such as:
~Apple Store and many more

To register in InstaGC Philippines click here


You can now earn extra money online in INSTAGC on your freetime

I also have a more detailed and step by step video guide on Youtube but this video is in Filipino Language with English subtitle   https://youtu.be/BqVVLWkye50 << click here to watch the video