How to Earn Bitcoin for FREE in the Philippines

It is Free to register and you won’t need to spend any money to withdraw or to earn Bitcoin.

I prefer this faucet other than many other faucets on the internet because you can grow your bitcoin here in many different ways.

They pay directly to your account or other btc wallet if you have.

This site is available to all countries

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Pays Directly to your account

Minimum withdraw amount is 30000 satoshi.

You can also send your btc payout to other wallets such as Xapo, Coinbase and other btc wallets.

Free Bitcoin

This is the number 1 source of your free bitcoin on this site. You will just click the roll Icon at the bottom of the page and you will be awarded with free bitcoin. You need to wait 1 hour to be able to roll again to gain more bitcoins.  

The amount you will earn will depend on the number of your roll.

This is the amount you will receive based on the roll that you got.

One of my viewers got 9986 and he got 2444 satoshis for that roll.

I also receive lots of feedback that they are getting 244satoshi on their rolls.

This site supports PC, Mobile and Tablet.
As shown on the photo on the right he is using a mobile phone)

You can earn more on these tabs

These tabs separates from other sites. You can grow and earn more Free bitcoins in Philippines through these tabs. On other sites all you can do is roll and get some satoshi but it takes a very long time just to even meet the minimum cashout requirements.


This is the fastest way to earn more Btc on this site.

To win, Bet Hi and get a number higher than 5250 or Bet LO and get a number lower than 4750

If you win you will get the satoshi that you bet and if you lose you will lose that satoshi on your account.

I will post a future article of what I am doing to earn more btc on Multiply btc tab

~Fair warning you can lose all your BTC in here so be very careful


Another great feature of to earn Free Bitcoin is their tab Earn BTC. Basically your bitcoin on this site will earn daily interest which is 4.08% yearly.
((BTC x 0.04) / 365 ) that is your daily passive bitcoin income.

You just have to have a minimum amount of 30000 satoshi or 0.0003BTC in your account for your btc to have a daily interest.

You will receive the interest daily and another good thing is that there is no LOCK IN period. Meaning you can withdraw that money anytime you want


Another way to earn great amount of BTC is through their lottery tab. I personally not recommending this one because it is a bit hard to win on their lottery because there are millions of tickets every week and your chance to win is very very very low.

It is still your choice you get 2 free lottery ticket every time you do free rolls 

You can also buy 1 ticket for 1 satoshi

If you won here, of course the prize will be very huge but I was not able to find a proof of payment or someone who won here in the lottery.


You earn 2 Reward points each time you do 1 free roll.

You can directly exchange your rewards into BTC.
The minimum amount to change it to BTC is 100000 Reward points.
1 Reward Point = 1 satoshi

You have lots of other choices here to exchange your reward points such as phones and many more but I haven’t tried them personally.

Free BTC Bonus

I suggest to use your reward points to FREE BTC Bonus. Each time you do free roll the amount you will receive will increase in value depends of what you choose. Only the 0 – 9885 numbers will increase in prize value.

if per roll will give you 20satoshi then increasing it by 1000% will give you 200 satoshi per free roll

Photo on the right shows that my 0 – 9885  is 260 satoshi per roll.

By the way Bonus is from multiply BTC and LOTTERY. If you play multiply BTC and Lottery you will gain Bonus. That Bonus is like 2x, 3x, 4x and so on of the base FREE ROLL BTC. That Bonus will be added to your free roll.

Bonus is not included in the FREE BTC BONUS computation it will be added after it is multiplied by 1000%


To withdraw or transfer your bitcoins to your personal wallet you have 3 options.

Auto: Every Sunday they will send your bitcoin to your BTC WALLET
This auto used to be free with no transaction fees but with the recent increase in bitcoin transaction fees they put a 3000 satoshi fee for the auto.

Slow: I prefer this one because this is cheaper at the moment currently it is 186 satoshi because BTC transaction fees subside now. It used to be 5000 to 10000 satoshi but now it is just 186satoshi.
Transfer is around 3 to 8 hours or more

Instant: The fastest but most expensive transfer.
Transfer is less than 15minutes

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My Number 1 recommended way to earn free bitcoin Philippines is through​


You are now earning FREE BITCOIN in Philippines that you can send directly to your Account

I also have a more detailed and step by step video guide on Youtube but this video is in Filipino Language with no English subtitle<< click here to watch the video