Earn 1,000 to 5,000 Pesos by doing LiveStreams using your Smartphone – Kumu app

Have you ever think that you can earn extra income by doing live streams? In this app, you can use your smartphone and do live streams and get an extra income as a bonus. You can enjoy both the perks of enjoying what you do and getting income from it. Kumu is an app that lets you do that.

You can go to PlayStore and download the app just by searching “Kumu“. 

Live Streaming

Once you’ve already downloaded the app and open it, you will see this dashboard. Notice the yellow tab that says “Go Live Now”. This is where you can start doing your live stream

On the bottom part, you’ll see that we are earning diamonds. It indicates “coins”, but it is equivalent to diamond. When we’re live streaming, they can send us virtual gifts which are equivalent to diamonds.

Once we got enough diamonds, we can convert it to real cash. We can cash it out once we reach the minimum of 50,000 diamonds that is equivalent to 1,000 pesos

You’ll see the diamonds you earned per Live Stream.

April 15, 810 diamonds

April 16, 50,000 diamonds. I sent that for us to try the payout. That’s from referral commissions of Kumu.

April 16 again, plus 630 diamonds.

Every live stream, you’ll see the diamond you earned on that session.

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Proof of Payment

In our PayPal account, it says “You received 2,982.14 pesos from user Kumu Media Technology”. It is legit and paying for Live Stream.

Making a Video

You can add whatever tag you want. It can be entertainment, making funny videos. Tambay means just playing around, Comedy for jokes.

Next is adding a title, just  Short title about your live stream.

You can also choose from portrait or landscape. On mine, I did a portrait. Click on “Go Live Now”.

You can see users that are joining your live, meaning, they are currently watching your live while you’re doing it. While they are watching, if they liked your video, they can send you virtual gifts and that’s when we get diamonds that we can convert to cash. They can send soy pudding, Carlito Clap or Carlito Hug. it has a diamond equivalent and diamonds can be converted to real cash. But if they send you hearts only, you will not earn any from that.

You can also be a guest host. Some are live streaming with two co-hosts. Just click on “Plus”, add host if you want to. The two screens that have smileys are the screen for the guest hosts.

Here, you can click this to use the back camera and if you want to do selfie mode again, just click it one more time.

Once you are done on your Live Stream, just click on close and it will show you your Live Stats that also displays how much diamond you earned for that specific Live Stream. You’ll see we earned 300 diamonds.

Cashing Out

This is the total diamond that you earned for all of your Live Stream. You should reach the minimum in order to convert it to cash. The minimum is 50,000 diamonds.

Here, we already reached the minimum. In fact, it is way more than the minimum. We got 152,150 diamonds that we can convert to cash.

Also, take note of the Cash Out wallet that shows zero pesos. That’s where our converted diamond should appear.

To convert the earned diamonds, click on “Convert”.

It will then direct you to this page that asks you to confirm or verify your mobile number. Just enter your mobile number and wait for a verification code that Kumu will send you.

Once done, the amount should appear on your Cash Out wallet. We are now ready to cash out, just click on “Cash Out”.

This page should now appear. It now shows zero because we already cashed it out. 

You will have to wait for 3 to 5 days before the funds will be available on your PayPal.

That’s how easy you can earn by doing what you enjoy. Some do it for fun and some are really doing it to earn. It’s up to you, whichever will make you be motivated to do Live Stream will do.

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