Earn 1$ to 5$ by Promoting and Sharing a Website

Best Change is a website that provides information about the current currency exchanges. That is just one of their business platform, but what we’ll focus more today is their affiliate program. I wasn’t able to test their main service which is the exchange. For example, Bitcoin to PayPal or PayPal to Bitcoin, and also other currencies.

Proof of Payment

As you can see here, I withdrew  $1.48 last May 30th and I received it on PayPal June 1st amounting $1.11 because there is $0.37 PayPal charge.

You can also receive payments in your coins.ph ( or any bitcoin address). In your coins.ph  waller, get your BTC wallet address, copy it, then paste it in your withdrawal account.

Paste it in the Bitcoin field then click Save.

Register Now

To register, click the link above and make sure that you are in the affiliate program.

You should be on this page after clicking the link. Then, click on the follow this link that is in number 2. Make sure guys to read the terms and conditions, and accept the affiliate agreement. This is very important. Lots of people are getting banned here because they did not read the Terms  and the Frequently Asked Questions. There are restrictions in promoting their website and those are indicated on the terms.

When you register in Best Change and you created an account, you will not pay anything here. Even when you are about to withdraw, they will not require any payment or investment. This is completely free.


After creating your account, you will have this dashboard. Click on the “How to attract visitors” to know how you can earn or how you can promote Best Change to earn  extra income.

How to Attract Visitors

First one is to promote it on your website just like what I did on my website kumitaonlineph.com

I juts added this banner to the side where visitors can see and click on it. Now, the amount of incentives you can get from Best Change will depend on the activity of the visitor on their website. They can click on “Exchange”, they can process an exchange, use the website to exchange currencies, or they can also use their affiliate program. The pay you will receive depends on that.

Here are more ways to promote their site. You can use Facebook and comment on posts that are looking for something like Best Change but remember not to spam on any.

Free Banners

Just click on Banners on the left side of your homepage then just choose a banner that you would like to add on your website. Copy the code and paste it on your website.

How to Withdraw

You need to earn at least $1 in order for you to withdraw. Click on withdraw. I was able to try only the affiliate program and they are really paying. It might take up to 5 days before you receive your payment because they will review it first. They will review those who click on your link and the places where you promoted Best Change..0

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