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Directly is a website where you can work as an Online Chat Support. You can do this job part-time or full-time. How does it work? Customers who have questions will post here in Directly and Chat Supports like you would be the one to help them get answers. Once you’re able to answer them, then you will get a monetary reward. Now, the amount you get for answering these questions varies, but it is mostly $1 per answered question.

Proof of Payment

This is the dashboard that you will see on Directly when cashing out. You will see one familiar payment channel which is PayPal. Once you selected PayPal, you will have to enter your PayPal e-mail address (the e-mail you use to login to PayPal) and the amount that you’re going to cash-out.

Here, you can see that we already received the $9 we cashed out in the Payment dashboard. It clearly shows that it is from Directly and not any other third-party names.  

Directly pays once a week through PayPal.


So you need to register first in order for you to have your own dashboard. Let me show a bit of the dashboard first. This is the dashboard and the tasks displayed here are the questions our customers have that you can answer.

Questions here are not everything under the sun. Questions are by-category and some of these categories are Shopify, LinkedIn, games like NBA. They also have questions about cellphones specifically, Samsung phones.

Directly App

The nice thing about Directly is that it has an app. Meaning, you can answer questions on your mobile. It’s more convenient for those on-the-go chat supports to answer customer questions using their mobile phone. But then, you will have to register using a desktop first.

Shopify Category

If you applied as Shopify Chat Support and you passed, all of the questions you will get on your dashboard will be about Shopify. This is a screenshot of a Shopify Chat Support dashboard.

To take a task, just click the one that you want to answer on your dashboard.

This is what you will see on your screen after clicking the task that you want to answer. You will be directed to this page. on the highlighted part it says, “Provide your answer”. That’s where you will type in your answer.

Tips on Answering Questions

When applying in a category, you should make sure that you have experience in the category or at least, an idea on what it’s about. For example, in Shopify, customers who have Shopify account and have encountered problems on their store will ask help from you. You should be able to help them for you to get paid for that task.

What if you don’t know the answer? You will have time to research the answer. You don’t need to know everything about that category, but make sure that your resource is credible and useful.

What if you’ve exhausted all of your resources, but still don’t have the answer? You can then pass and have the other experts answer that question.

Weekly Report

This is a sample of our contributor’s weekly report. She was able to answer or helped three people. She did not receive any rating.

With all these statistics, she was able to earn $3 total. So that means that she earned $1 per answer question which is 50 to 52 pesos.

According to our contributor, she only got a few because she rarely uses Directly, what more if you do this full-time?

If a customer liked how you answered their question and you were able to help them a lot, they can give you a high rating. If you get a high rating, you can get a bonus for that.

How to Get In?

I have prepared the links of each category you can apply for in this link.

For example that you want to get in as a Samsung expert, click the link for Samsung and it will direct you to this page. Just look for the “Apply Now” button and click it.

Sign up with your full name, e-mail, and password.

Take a look at step 2 of this process. You will see that you need to pass a skill test in order to get in, so it’s really important that you know the category you are applying for because they will test your product knowledge here.

Also, if you’re applying as chat support for Samsung mobile phones, it is advisable that you also have the device. It is not required, but it is recommended. If you applied and you don’t have one, it’s like a 40-60 percent chance that you will get in.  

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