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page is owned by James Tristan Ruiz

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About KumitaOnlinePH

HI! I am James Tristan Ruiz

I am a Filipino Youtuber with 42500 subscribers right now. My goal is to help many people to make money online. This is no easy money, you will do something for their website and they will pay you for the small tasks that you will do for them. I am personally trying and testing more websites that really pays and minimum withdraw requirement is possible.

The reason why I built this website is that I am not good in English Oral communication thus my youtube channel which is in Filipino language  is limited to helping Filipinos only. With this website I want to reach and help more people around the world to earn Extra Income Online.

I tested these sites on my country Philippines but these sites (95%) accept Worldwide registrants. I think there will be no problem wherever you are and wherever you came from.